Where can I find Stolpersteine in Kassel?

To see a map of the city with locations of all Stolpersteine click here.


Find out about the names and places of residence of the victims by clicking on the symbols.


We would like to thank the Department of Surveying and Geo-informatics in Kassel.


Stolpersteine are, whenever possible, placed at the last known and voluntarily chosen residence of the victim in question.


Where exactly these places are is not always easy to determine, since many victims were forced to leave their homes. This happened either through direct instructions from the public authorities, or because of fear and the political pressure encountered by victims.


Click on “Places of Residence to learn more about some of the places victims inhabited involuntarily.


Other Stolpersteine-sites in this region

Die Ziele des Vereins


Verlegung weiterer Stolpersteine war geplant im Dezember 2020.


Das ist leider nicht mehr aktuell.

Gunter Demnig muss seine Verlegungen vorerst stoppen.

siehe http://www.stolpersteine.eu/aktuell/