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What are ‘Stolpersteine’?


They are 10 x 10 cm big, poured in concrete, topped with a brass panel and let into the ground flush with the surface so no one can come to harm because of them. And yet, they are referred to as ‘Stolpersteine’ (literally: stumbling-stones) because everyone who sees one in passing is supposed to stop for a moment and read the engraving on the stone - to, figuratively, stumble over it.


Beneath the headline ‘Here lived…’ we bring back a bit of history into our daily lives with each stone. ‘Stolpersteine’ are a physical representation of the fact that we remember each victim and what happened to them, and that they are no longer anonymous.


The stones are all hand made, since this method of production, according to Gunter Demnig,  contrasts the mechanical character of the mass murder committed in concentration camps.

To begin with, Demnig made the stones himself, but now that the project has expanded considerably he is now assisted by artist Michael Friedrichs-Friedländer. As of 2006, the stones are being crafted in the latter’s workshop in Berlin.




How much does the stone cost?


One of Gunter Demnig’s stones costs 120 Euro. Making, shipping and laying of the stone are included.



If you would like to become a sponsor, transfer 120€ to the bank account listed below and let us know which stone you would like to sponsor!


Please contact us and we will inform you which stones are scheduled for laying or of upcoming ceremonies in your area.


If you are interested in having a stone placed for someone whom you know to have become a victim of the NS regime here, please let us know their name and any additional information concerning the victim you are able to give.


We will do our best to find out more about the respective person’s fate and are more than happy to work with you should you wish to participate in the research.




Our bank details:  

Stolpersteine in Kassel e.V.


Kasseler Sparkasse


IBAN: DE80 5205 0353  0001 1564    




Die Ziele des Vereins

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17.3. und 24.3.2024

jeweils 14.00 Uhr

Treffpunkt Haltestelle Annastraße (Platz der 11 Frauen)

Führung zu "Stolpersteine und die Zerstörung jüdischen Lebens im Vorderen Westen" im Rahmen der internationalen Wochen gegen Rassismus.

Teilnahme kostenlos

29.06.2024 Verlegung von Stolpersteinen mit Gunter Demnig