If you are interested in our work and would like to support us you can…

         form a team of researchers or work with an existing team that investigates the lives of victims of the Nazi regime in Kassel; thus providing information for more Stolpersteine.


         provide information regarding the fates of citizens of Kassel who were persecuted and killed by Nazis.                        


         (part-)finance a stone - the cost being 120€ per stone  -  and become a sponsor.


         donate to support "Stolpersteine in Kassel e.V." financially.


         become a member of “Verein Stolpersteine in Kassel e.V." 


         see to the upkeep of stones in your neighbourhood (for an overview of locations see “Map under "Stolpersteine in Kassel”).


         attend Stolperstein-layings or actively participate in the programme (eg. as a musician or speaker).


translated by Helen Neyer


Die Ziele des Vereins



Jahreshauptversammlung der Vereinsmitglieder


Sobald wir wieder sicher planen können, legen wir den Termin fest

und veröffentlichen ihn hier


Die Produktion von Stolpersteinen geht weiter

Wir in Kassel planen wieder         


4. Dezember 2020  Stolpersteinverlegungen

abgesagt und verschoben

11.12. 18:45


Filmbericht zu Stolpersteinen in Kassel