What do you know?

Were there victims of the NS terror in your house, in your neighbourhood, on your street, in your church congregation, or your workplace?


Did you yourself become a witness of cruelty against your fellow citizens in the form of verbal or physical abuse, or of arrest, disappearance and deportation? Or has information been passed on to you?




Would you like to know more about a specific victim? Or would you like a stone to be placed for them?




Please do not hesitate to contact us (see IMPRESSUM-> KONTAKT below)!


Die Ziele des Vereins


Verlegung weiterer Stolpersteine war geplant im Dezember 2020.


Das ist leider nicht mehr aktuell.

Gunter Demnig muss seine Verlegungen vorerst stoppen.

siehe http://www.stolpersteine.eu/aktuell/