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Victims of the NS regime should not be forgotten. But to ensure they be borne in remembrance, their biographies must first be known.  


Once we have a starting point, usually no more than a name, a note or a reference in a story, we begin to search for biographical data.

Sometimes it is close proximity to the neighbourhood in which a victim once resided, the knowledge or the feeling that a person’s fate touches us in some way that provides the incentive to begin our research.


Perhaps in this way we can renew public interest in NS victims’ fates.

If our research is fruitful, we compile a ‘memorial sheet’ and ask Gunter Demnig to place a stone for the respective person.

If we are successful in finding descendants or neighbours, we will invite them to the laying ceremony.


Should you be interested in doing research of your own or work with one of our research groups, you are welcome to do so. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.



Existing research groups


“On the Track of Child Victims”


When the work on the memorial book “Namen und Schicksale der Juden Kassels 1933 - 1945” (Names and fates of Jews in Kassel 1933 - 1945) was in process during the 1970’s, the names of 128 underage victims in Kassel surfaced.


We began our research to find out more about their biographies and have been able to make known the names of 180 underage victims. If we are successful in finding out their personal histories and exact places of residence we will commemorate them (and their adult relatives) with a stone each.

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As of now, our research group has only three members. Should you be interested in participating, please contact Jürgen Strube (email:

To document results we built an additional website. Access to this site is currently only possible through registration (



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