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Anna Channa Kott née Ziering and Abraham Kott


Jägerstraße 1 (former 5)

When we laid the Stolpersteine for two-year-old Jutti Ziering and her mother Zilla, née Spatz, in 2014, we already noticed that there were other relatives of the family. But on the one hand at first our focus was on the children and on the other hand we still believed at that time that Stolpersteine are not laid for survivors.

Therefore, we did not deal with Jutti's father and the other family members any further. In the meantime we see things differently. Thus we have already laid several stones for people who were able to survive the horror of the extermination camps or who were able to escape extermination by flight.

When surviving members of the Ziering family contacted us last year and wanted to know if we could also lay Stolpersteine for other family members, we also looked into their fate.  So we are now laying Stolpersteine for Leo`s  sister Anna, married Kott, and his brother-in-law Abraham Kott, in Jägerstraße.

Anna and Abraham
Anna and Abraham

Anna Channa Ziering was born on 20.4.1907 in Kalusz (Galicia). Her parents were Tzvi Khaim Ziering and Rivka Nussbaum. The Zierings were from Kalusz (German: Kalusch), a Ukrainian town at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Kalusz belonged to Austria-Hungary before World War I, was destroyed, and fell to Poland after the Soviet-Polish War (1921-23).

Anna had four older brothers: Joseph (*1.4.1888), Isaak (*23.11.1895), Leo Leib (*3.12.1900) and Benjamin Benno (*10.3.1903). When the brothers emigrated to Germany in 1920, the then 13-year-old girl remained with her parents in Kalusz. When her father died in 1929, she and her mother Rivka Nussbaum moved in with her brothers in Kassel. There she married the merchant Abraham Kott on December 3, 1929.

Abraham Kott was born on April 11, 1899 in Sulejow/Pietrkow, Poland. He was a baker and traded in old goods and objects of daily use. He run a small store at Mittelgasse 66 (1925) and at Jägergasse 5 (1929), at Mauerstraße 6 (1931, at Pferdemarkt 58 (1933), at Mittelgasse 53 (1934 - 1936) and from 1937 probably also from his flat at Jägerstraße 5.

The Kotts also lived there in a 3-room flat since March 15, 1934. Since 1934, Anna's mother Rifka, who had initially lodged with brother Leo at Jägerstraße 7, also lived with them .

Jägerstraße front part (Nr. 5 cann only be guessed at the edge)
Jägerstraße front part (Nr. 5 cann only be guessed at the edge)
Jägerstraße (rear part approximately from Nr.7)
Jägerstraße (rear part approximately from Nr.7)
identity card Abraham Scott
identity card Abraham Scott
from the household register Jägerstraße 5
from the household register Jägerstraße 5



In the „Kristallnacht“  of 1938, Abraham Kott's store was destroyed and looted. In May 1939, the stateless couple was transported to the Polish border and was to be deported. ( .......) A few weeks later, at the beginning of July 1939, Abraham applied to the Gestapo for a certificate of good conduct for himself and his wife for the purpose of leaving the country for the USA. But this did not happen. Instead, Abraham emigrated to England alone on September 1, 1939.

Anna Kott stayed behind alone and continued to live at Jägerstraße 5. She certainly still had contact with her brother Leo, who lived in the house next door. She certainly registered that Leo fled and her sister-in-law Zilla with her little daughter Jutti were deported in December 1941.


Three months later, on 3/14/1942 she was relocated to Mittelgasse 53 and deported to Majdanek on June, 1 1942. Two days later she was murdered in Sobibor.

family Ziering together:  Abraham the second from left, Anna in front of him
family Ziering together: Abraham the second from left, Anna in front of him

ADDRESS BOOK: They lived at Entengasse 13 (1929), Mauerstrasse 6 (1930), Mittelgasse 33 (1931), Pferdemarkt 58 (1932), Jägerstrasse 5 (1934), and Mittelgasse 53 (1942).



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